Photos: “The Skin of Our Teeth”

Class 12 of the Manila Waldorf School staged Thornton Wilder’s “The Skin of Our Teeth,” a play that presents mankind as “seriously and comically always been on the edge of catastrophe, and, worse, probably always will be, because of natural disasters and the human race’s inability to learn from its past mistakes.”

The storyline is not linear, a steady advance of progress, but cyclical, with development, catastrophe, and the necessity to rebuild. Wilder wrote the play in a notably “epic theater” style, which means actors may play various roles, lines and absurd situations occur which remind the audience that they are just watching a play, and a reckless shattering of the ‘fourth wall’ that lets the characters speak directly to the audience: the mammoth is also a Southern maid; and an actress defies the script to the horror of her colleagues. These elements keep people in the present and somewhat detached from the action onstage. Yet, they are shown the story of a family that is essentially the story of all humanity, something they can see themselves in and relate to.

Here are some highlights of the performance:



The graduating class after the play: (L to R) Pat, Lal, Alex, Joy, Andreana, Hans, Maureen, Justin, Jed, Clara, Sabine.

The material was very challenging for the class yet they “survived” the experience by getting the job done and showing the Waldorf community what they’re made of.

Bravo Class of 2014!

“It is the hope in man that makes him rise from the past and see the possibilities for the future.”

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