Policy on AUTOMATIC suspension of classes

Dear Parents,

With the advent of the typhoon season, the school would like to reiterate the Department of Education’s policy on the automatic suspension of classes due to bad weather:

  • Signal No. 1 – classes in pre-school are automatically suspended
  • Signal No. 2 – classes in pre-school, elementary, and secondary (high school) are automatically suspended.

Moreover, given that the school is located just outside of Metro Manila where most of our student population live, the school will follow whatever signal is higher between Metro Manila and Rizal.

For example, if it’s signal number 2 in Manila but only signal  number 1 in Rizal, the school will follow the higher signal number 2 and suspend classes in all levels.  Similarly, if it’s signal number 1 in Rizal but no typhoon signal in Metro Manila, the school will follow the higher signal number 1 and suspend classes in pre-school or kindergarten.

The same principle shall apply should there be no typhoon but either the local governments of San Mateo or Quezon City suspend classes due to flash floods or extraordinary rain.

Please contact the Admin office if you have any questions.

The Management Committee
College of Teachers

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