MWS Advent Fair 2012


ATTRACTIONS : Are you brave enough to explore King Tut’s Tomb? Or zip  your way down the bifrost? If not, you can spend time riding a pony or feeding farm animals.  Don’t fail to watch the Kinder puppet show for the young tots and the Russian fairy tale The Crystal Mountain for slightly older children.

OVER-ALL THEME:  The over-all theme of the Advent Fair is the “Journey to Bethlehem.”  For the children to experience the journey, they are encouraged to play or perform an activity in the different class booths in order to earn a token. After collecting 8 tokens, they may proceed to Class 1’s Manger’s Light where they will craft a candle to be offered for the coming of the Christ Child, and then listen to the story told by Mary and Joseph of their own personal journey to Bethlehem.

GAMES GALORE  : Kinder game booths, “Minute to Win it” challenges, medieval games! Fun and exciting games for all ages!

CHRISTMAS SHOPPING : Do your Christmas shopping early! We have vendors selling artisan and handmade products, wooden toys, recycled trinkets as well as items to help families celebrate advent in their homes. Organic vegetables and organic and natural body care products will also be for sale.

DINING: There will be varied choices of home cooked, yummy food, and the highlight every year is the Class 6 and 10’s Roman cafe. Go back in time with their photo booth where you can feast like an emperor complete with slaves waiting on you, or relax and chill out while enjoying a cold drink from Class 9!

RAFFLE : We will raffle off prizes throughout the day, with the grand prize of gift certificates for overnight accommodations at the Timberland Sports and Nature Club.

SHUTTLE SERVICE:  Fair hours are 9am-5pm. We will be providing shuttle service to and from selected drop off and pick up points throughout the day. We will come out with a separate email regarding the schedule and cost of the service. Call admin if you are interested in booking a ride.

LOWER SCHOOL : All Palaruan game booths and activities suited for kinder and lower school will be concentrated at the lower school gardens. Food and drinks will also be sold there.

QUIET ROOM : The parents lounge located in the admin building will be used for nursing mothers or a quiet/nap room for toddlers.

GO GREEN  : Join us in our efforts at keeping our campus clean and green. We would like to keep eco waste to a minimum. Please bring your recyclable shopping bags and eating utensils/ glasses if possible.

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