The Four Sheaths (Part 3) – The Astral Body

MWS steward and parent Raph Lazo shares with us, through his blog “Did you ever wonder…”, a series of short essays based on the talks he conducted with faculty over the summer. This is the third part of the series on The Four Sheaths.

The first two bodies I have discussed are earthly bodies. They find their origin in the earthly nature of human beings. These bodies are wonderful gifts from our parents, the mother and father who together bring about the creation of a physical body that is imbued with life forces. However, most of us also believe that there is something more to our human nature.

We have other bodies so to speak, neither of them earthly in nature.  These bodies are not gifts from our parents; rather they are from a more eternal and infinite existence that transcends our material and life bodies on earth. These two bodies have many names. I am used to knowing them as soul and spirit. However, the soul, true to its nature, has other names that help in building the imagination to understand it.

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