Back to School: Letter from MWS

25 May 2012

Dear Parents,

We hope your children enjoyed the summer break with you.  They will return this June with quite a few new faces in their midst!  We are happy to say that we have an increased enrollment this year and would  like  to  thank  you, dear parents, for being part of this positive development.

We   teachers,  had  our  much  needed  summer   break  as  well.  We  made   sure however,  to  prepare  for   the coming year.  The kindergarten  and  lower school  faculties  had a  four  day  in-service  training  from  May 2 to 5 while the high school faculty  will have theirs  from  May 28 to 31.   As we  have  many new teachers, Raph Lazo, a steward of MWS, was also asked to give talks on anthroposophy on a few Saturdays.

The rains have already begun.  As I happily look at the lawns recently turned-green, I cannot help but feel gratitude to the community that has kept the school spirit alive and thriving throughout the years. This year,  I  will  be  taking a third group of children under my care — I eagerly look forward to  what  our  destinies  will  bring!  The greenery also  moves  me  and  the  faculty  to  celebrate  the  start  of  what we foresee will be a good year! What better way to do this than to do something together?

We have scheduled June 9, Saturday, to be Bayanihan Day.  This we hope will be a community activity that will be held every year  before  classes  begin  with  parents,  teachers  and  children busily working together to create a healthy  and beautiful environment.  We will plant, hammer, scrub, and do whatever work is needed — together!

Attached herewith is the list of materials/plants needed, the areas, coordinators, and the activities to be undertaken. We ask that you please come, plants and tools in tow, in bayanihan clothes.

On our first year, remember that you came and  helped  lazure the  classroom  walls.  You  graciously  heeded  our call for help. This outpouring of goodwill and love for the school resulted in more than just beautiful classrooms. As classrooms slowly transformed one after the other, from white to the colors of the rainbow, friendships were forged and most definitely a wonderful renewal of community spirit was felt in this new blessed site.

Let’s begin the year with the same spirit! Share your  time  and  energy  over  hard work,  warm banter, and potluck merienda and lunch. Those who cannot attend, we will appreciate donations of plants and snacks!  Our Bayanihan will  start  at 8:30 A.M.  and  will  end at 3:00 P.M.  For those who wish to ride the school bus, please contact Karren at 570-70-38 for seat reservations.

Lastly, on June 11, Monday at 8:30am, our Flower Ceremony will be held to joyously welcome children in Grade 1 as they begin their 12 year journey in MWS.  We  will  also  warmly  welcome  our  new  students  on  this  occasion. Grades 1,12 and new students must be in their Sunday best.

Dismissal times on June 11 are as follows:

Grades 1-2     12 noon

Grades 3-12   2:30 pm

We look forward to the school year ahead of us and we hope to see you on Bayanihan Day!

Yours sincerely,

Mary Joan Fajardo, For the College of Teachers

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