Message to the MWS Community

Dear Parents,

Easter greetings!

Our second year in Timberland has just ended. It was another fruitful year! Last year we were very much preoccupied with completing our school buildings, and for the first time existing with all levels in a single beautiful venue. This year we found ourselves more settled and thus more able to experience a deepening of the path we have chosen for ourselves – that of being Waldorf teachers.

We fondly remember children and parents alike present when we laid the foundation stone for the administration building on November 30, 2009 – our hearts filled with the resolve to offer an artistic education that would work towards educating the head, heart and hands of children who came to us.  This resolve included an intention to immerse ourselves in all teacher trainings that we could attend.  Because of your efforts in fundraising, being frugal in every possible way and goodwill from mentors and their schools, this happened!

Just like the school buildings that came up hollow block on hollow block, it is our commitment to slowly but surely, and in all earnestness, offer a Waldorf education that is rich and responsive to the needs of our children and youngsters.  We can do this further if we work more closely together in the College and with you, our dear parents in the coming school year.

We are pleased to announce the following new placements for school year 2012-13:

Grade 1 : Mary Joan Fajardo — Mary Joan took her Waldorf teacher training in Spring Valley, USA and is one of the founders of the Manila Waldorf School.  She was class teacher of the pioneer class. In 2007 she took her second class and taught them until fourth grade last year after which she decided to take a rest for a year.

 Karen Ann Versoza — Karen studied Psychology at the Ateneo de Manila University and is currently taking up her Master’s Degree, Major in Teaching Early Grades at the University of the Philippines-Diliman. She was a Grade 3 assistant teacher for two years before becoming Grade 3 head teacher at KEYS. She will assist and train under Mary Joan.

Grade 5  :   Joan Mallari — Joan graduated last year cum laude from the University of the Philippines-Diliman with a Degree in Elementary Education Teaching in Early Grades. Her undergraduate teacher-training course was at the UP Integrated School.

Grade 9 sponsor:  Tina Salazar  — Tina graduated from UP-Diliman in October 2009, BS Education, major in Chemistry and minor in Physics.  For her student teaching course she taught Chemistry 3rd year high school students at UPIS. She has taught Physics and General Science to high school students at Mother of Divine Providence school where she also acted as an adviser of a class.  Tina joined the MWS-Kawayan Faculty last year and co-sponsored Grade 12 with Dr. Lolet.  She taught Grade 11/12 math practice lessons, Physics and Chemistry main lesson blocks and Science & Technology practice lessons last year.

Handwork/Filipino practice, lower school: Valerie Ann Tuazon-Josef  — Valerie  graduated from the University of Santo Tomas, with a degree in Preschool Education.  She taught elementary and high school students at St. Scholastica’s Academy of Marikina.

Arabic, lower school:  Yusuper Delmion — Yusuper graduated cum laude from the Mindanao State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Shariah. He is currently taking up his Masters of Art in Islamic Studies at the University of the Philippines-Diliman. Aside from the Arabic language he is also well versed in Shariah or the Islamic Law.

We would like to specially thank teachers who left at the end of the school year and have contributed much to the life of the school: Ms. Marie Lou Mendoza, class teacher for four years, Ms. Brenda Fajardo, art teacher class 9/10 and practice lesson teachers  Rida Young and Bianca Gacad.  We would like to specially mention Ms. Kathryn Perlas, MWS co-founder, class teacher and art teacher, who retired July last year.  Our heartfelt thanks goes to her for planting the seeds of Manila Waldorf School many years ago.

Just this March, we graduated our fourth batch of youngsters who presented to the public their yearlong theses two months ago.  They had studied different areas of interest and conducted themselves with much confidence. Each had displayed an already innate artistic and scientific way of looking at things. And each had shown an overwhelming regard for excellence in the fields they had chosen.  Strong individuals they are, yet in their graduation speeches they acknowledged that their wonderful journey in Waldorf, of discovering themselves, of their souls and spirits nourished, would not have been possible without the help of parents, friends, teachers and the entire Waldorf community!

This year, a student from the pioneer class, Jelena Sebastian, graduated in October from de La Salle University and taught our graduating class Calculus and Chemistry!  It was wonderful to have a graduate return as a teacher and have the goodwill to, in a sense, give back to Waldorf a little something for her own journey at MWS.

We look forward to the school year ahead of us which will begin on June 11 with the intention to invigorate and enthuse everyone to work together, as a community, in making our school an even healthier place for our children.  We could explore how we can do this during the Community Meeting scheduled for July. However, we could very well jumpstart this on the week before school begins. We will hold community projects which we are optimistic parents, friends, graduates and children will wholeheartedly participate in.  Some of these will be improvements in the kindergarten and lower school play areas, planting of ornamental plants and herbs, lazure of clinic walls and faculty room. We will email you the schedule of said activities.

Further, as mentioned in Mr. Tony Montemayor’s letter to the community,  Filinvest Land has offered us the use of their gardens located near the front gate of the subdivision.  It would be wonderful if green-thumbed parents took this on and worked hand in hand with teachers to make this space productive and, with the help of Greg Kitma, a long time biodynamic farmer, make this a thriving garden for biodynamic and organic farming.  We need someone from the community to spearhead this exciting joint project with Filinvest – please do contact us if you feel you have the time, interest and capability to do this.

We would like to thank the Board of Trustees for making sound decisions in the financial realm and having the resolve to further improve our grounds; the parent liaisons, who closely work with teachers and facilitate school-wide activities; and our stewards who ensure that the school works out of Rudolf Steiner’s three fold understanding of the human being.

Lastly, we thank you, dear parents, for entrusting your children to us and supporting them in their journey towards becoming free thinking individuals.  This would include having the interest in understanding this unique approach to education that you have chosen for your children.

As for the evaluation reports and main lesson books of your children: you may collect these on May 20 from the Admin. office in Timberland. Please feel free to contact Ms. Dina Quijano, our administrative officer, if you have any questions.

Enjoy the summer break with your children!   Easter blessings on the entire Waldorf community!

Have a great summer!


Mary Ann Antigua
for the College of Teachers

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