MWS Yearend Report

Dear Parents, Teachers, and Friends,

As we complete our second year in Timberland Heights, I would like to issue, in behalf of the Board of Trustees, a brief report on the past school year and major projects for next school year.

Time really flies quickly and it seems only yesterday that we moved to Timberland Heights.  Many challenges certainly remain.  Yet as we complete our second year here,  I think that we are slowly but surely growing strong and deep roots in our new home.   Just like the wondrous greenery, if I might add, that surrounds and shelters our school every day!

On the pedagogical side, continuous training and teacher support was provided the whole year round.  We had Mr. Dan Freeman at the start of the school year for almost a month.   We have also been very fortunate in having Mr. David Simpson with us since January.  During these past 3 months, David has not just conducted training but has been actually teaching and actively participating in our school activities. In between the stints of our two Kiwi mentors, there have also been the visits of Ms. Gabrielle Nieman (Mentor); Mr. Peter Elsen and Mr. Friedhelm Klose (Eurythmy); and Mr. Van James and Ms.  Mary Bowen (Art). It has certainly been a most productive year in terms of teacher training and we plan to continue this focus next school year.

Despite the fact that our finances are not yet as stable as we want, the school is embarking on an aggressive capital spending program next school year.  Among the projects are:

1.      We are planning to purchase an additional vehicle and open a Marikina bus route.  This will hopefully lead to an expansion of our student base from the nearby Marikina/Rizal areas.

2.   We will make improvements in our Faculty room and Admin building.  Among other things, we plan on improving our Eurythmy room in the 2nd floor of the Admin so that it will be more conducive for school events.

3.    We will be extending the covered corridor to the stairs beside the Faculty Room so that children going from the Lower School to the Middle School (and vice-versa) will be protected from rain.

4.    We plan to finally lay down our taraflex flooring in the gym.  This will help protect our children’s limbs and joints as they do their PE and Bothmer gymnastics there.  We also plan to partially cover the gym (via a lower/secondary roof) in order to better shield it from the elements.

5.   We are finalizing plans with Filinvest for us to operate a biodynamic farm inside Timberland Heights.  The planned project will have 2 phases.  Phase 1 is a small model farm to be located in the front of the township (near the Sales Office and front gate of Timberland Heights).  We will transfer our school’s gardening activities to this area.  Phase 2 could potentially involve commercial production at a separate and much larger area inside Timberland.

We appeal to the community’s help in funding these projects via donations and/or fund-raising ideas.  Any amount will help.

Lastly but not the least, it is also very important for us to support our kindergarten program which has seen a drop in enrolment levels in recent years.  Among the plans that the Board is working on in coordination with the COT is to have weekly parent-driven events that will help drum up enrolment.  Details to follow in the coming weeks.

If you or your class want to discuss any of the items above in more detail, please let us know.


Antonio Q. Montemayor


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