The Gift of Learning

We picked up this  video commissioned by The Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship from the Youtube account of SteinerFreeSchools and shared on the Facebook page of Waldorf Today by Sophia Rocha.

The Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship commissioned ITN to make this short film to look at some of the key features of a Steiner School including:

  • how Steiner Schools nurture spiritual development in keeping with the cultural setting of the school and without being tied to a particular faith;

  • the emphasis on “doing” to complement academic learning;

  • how the absence of testing in the younger years nurtures enthusiasm for learning;

  • the importance of quietness and contemplation as part of the school day.

This video can be purchased on DVD from

The Manila Waldorf School at Timberland Heights carries the same spirit and impulse as the ones shown on the video. The children have the same look about themselves, the same intense concentration when learning their lessons, and the same faces of excitement and interest during play.

For a schedule of private orientation, kindly get in touch with the Administration office at telephone numbers: (632) 5707038 / (632) 5708138. You may also email us at

Visit for more information.

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