“A Sailor’s Tale” Day at MWS

We were able to sit in and watch Class 7 students as they presented their hand-made sailboats to their classmates and parents a few weeks ago.

One of the themes for this class is “Explorers and Explorations,” and this includes weaving exciting tales of adventure in the high seas!!

Each student was tasked to put together a boat using various materials they could find at home, recycled from old boxes, used gift wrappers and colored paper. Then, they wrote a story about their sailboats, creating a fictional character who traveled to different places and faced many challenges. The stories presented were very interesting.  Most told their story as the main character giving a first-person account of their adventures.

There was a student who dressed up as a pirate since her main character was captured by pirates and eventually joined them. One told his story from the point of view of the captain’s parrot, and that brought a collective release of good cheer from the audience.

Another student crafted a tale that featured Joan of Arc as one of the characters, with undertones of love unrequited.

Not all of the stories had happy endings. Some of the students ended their tale with the main character perishing with their boat or getting lost at sea. Generally, though, most of the tales ended on a bright note, with lots of hope and positivity prevailing.

From their stories, one could gather the challenges that these children meet at this age, that of wanting to explore new things and imagining the obstacles that they would encounter. They showed creativity and ingeniousness in devising a way out of the obstacles that their main characters faced in the story.

The sailboats also showed the unique personalities of its creators, showing that the class is made up of individuals with their own minds and ideas.

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2 Responses to “A Sailor’s Tale” Day at MWS

  1. oji says:

    great story! i liked the parrot best!!

  2. Tony says:

    Great article and pics!

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