In an attempt to improve school communications and also to help save trees, the school is moving to a paperless communication system.

  • If you do not want to receive school communications through email, please formally inform the school via a letter.  Please indicate your reason(s) and details on how you would want to receive them instead.
  • In order for you to not miss any important messages, please make sure that we have your latest email address and immediately advise us of any changes.

Dedicated Email Addresses.
The school shall maintain the following dedicated email addresses.

  1. – For general communications.  Your emails to this address with go directly to the Admin Officer.
  2. – For finance related matters (tuition, arrears, etc.) only.  The school shall also send quarterly account summaries and all notices of arrears through this email address.  Your emails to this address will go directly to the Finance Officer.
  3. – For general school announcements.  Please note that this shall be a “no reply” email address.  In other words, it will only be used by the school to send out general announcements.  You cannot send email messages back to this address.  If parents have questions regarding the announcement, they should send their queries

Please call the admin office if you have any questions.

From the MWS Administration Office

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