Program Schedule for the Open House

Here’s more info on what is being planned for the MWS Orientation and Open House on September 4, 2010.

The Orientation will begin promptly at 9am, opening with a teacher giving a general overview of Waldorf education from Kindergarten to lower school to middle school and then to upper school.

Parent and student testimonies will follow, then the general assembly will end with a question and answer forum at 9:45 am where snacks will be served.

The assembly will then break out to smaller groups based on grade levels and a more detailed description for each level’s curriculum, as well as activities for the participants will be given. This is so they can experience first-hand what Waldorf children do and experience in their own classes.

Kindergarten:  10:00-10:20am

Lower School: 10:25- 10:45am

Middle School:10:50-11:20am

Upper School: 11:25-11:45am

*Children’s projects will be displayed in all the classes throughout the morning and teachers of the different classes will be in their classrooms during the break-out sessions to answer any questions.

The groups will then converge once more at 11:45am for a final story to be given by the palaruan teachers.

Transportation from our drop-off and pick-up points will be provided to the community and their guests on a first-come first-serve basis during the Open House.  Please call our admin office (570-7038 or 570-8138) if you wish to take the school bus.

See you then!

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